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For Business Process Automation - Including Documents#


Digitization refers to creating a digital representation of physical objects or attributes. For instance, we scan a paper document and save it as a digital document (e.g., PDF). In other words, digitization is about converting something non-digital into a digital representation or artifact.

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Digitalization refers to enabling or improving processes by leveraging digital technologies and digitized data. Therefore, digitalization presumes digitization. Digitalization improves an existing business process or processes but doesn’t change or transform them. It takes a process from a human-driven event or series of events to softwaredriven.

Digital Transformation#

Digital transformation is about the entire transformation of the company. Digital transformation includes other changes brought about by digitalization. New business areas or business models can open along the way.

Every business process starts, contains or ends with a document. Regardless of whether in paper form or already as a file. This is called unstructured data. Although the information is on or in the document, it cannot be automatically integrated into the work processes, as it is simply not recognized by all software.

What is DOC²?#

DOC² is the latest software and solution for document capture that was developed by PolyDocs GmbH. It is a completely cloud-based solution that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to precisely identify, classify, analyze and read your documents. No matter if on paper or a file. DOC² learns independently, the level of experience increases with each document. DOC² accomplishes this through swarm intelligence.

The Advantages of DOC² at a glance:

  • Recognizes the required data – even handwritten information and information in tables reliably and is self-learning, even through corrections by the user
  • With swarm intelligence, you benefit continuously from the experiences of other customers
  • Improves the accuracy and quality of the recognized data
  • Enables an automated process without ongoing corrections and interventions
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • No IT resources / specialists required
  • Ensures a robust and consistent work process
  • No sensitive data is stored or shared
  • Saves time in the digital inbox
  • Reduces errors caused by manual processing

How do you use DOC²:#

  • Scanning and Recognition of all types of documents (invoices, contracts, forms, medical prescriptions etc.)
  • Reliable extraction of the data in the document and integration and further processing in the ERP, RPA or CRM system)
  • Validation of the extracted data and verification against other systems from internal and public sources
  • Integration into your system landscape (e.g. ERP System, Document Management, Workflow System etc)

Why DOC² is just right for you#

  • Many companies have recognized that processing incoming invoices, for example, can be very time-consuming. They are trying to increase productivity and optimize the purchase-to-pay process by introducing products for the “digitization” of invoices.

  • In addition, DOC² uses swarm intelligence. What does that mean? You benefit from the experiences of other customers and their “learning curve” without sharing sensitive data. With the cloud-based rule engine, we ensure continuous improvement of the application. You don’t need any developers or data scientists, because the system learns from the input of the user and the process runs without interruptions.

  • With the help of deep learning algorithms, not only simple header data of a document can be recorded, but also complicated structures such as tables. Of course, not only invoices are processed, but all types of documents. Regardless of whether it is waybills, membership applications, medical prescriptions and many more.

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