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How to create an Infor ION API file#

Step by step instructions for creating an Infor ION API file required for Infor export.#


  • An admin user for InforOS with the security roles ION Desk Admin, ION API Admin and
    IDM Admin.
  • An InforOS user that can be used as a service account that has permission to create documents in IDM with the security roles IDM-AdvancedUser, Infor-SuiteUser and MingleEnterprise.

1. Open InforOS with an admin user and change to the Infor ION API Screen.
Click on Authorized Apps and then on the +

2. Enter a name and description like 'Doc2Export'. Choose Backend Service and click on the disk icon to save.

3. Once your entries are saved, click the button Download Credentials.

4. Switch on Create Service Account and enter the service username into the box.

5. Click DOWNLOAD to get the ION API file.