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Configure Azure Active Directory#

Create SAML SSO in Azure AD#

Perform the following steps to add SAML SSO in Azure AD:

1. In Azure, go to your Azure Active Directory console

2. In the left panel, click Enterprise applications

3. Click + New application

4. Click + Create your own application

5. Enter a name for your application. Keep the remaining default selections.

6. Click on Create

Assign Users to the SSO Configuration#

Next, assign users or groups to the SSO configuration.

Important: You should already have created users and groups in Azure AD. If you don’t have any users or groups, create them now before proceeding.

1. Under Getting Started, click Assign Users and Groups.

2. Click + Add user

3. Select the users and groups you want to assign to this SSO configuration. These users will be able to authenticate DOC² using SSO.

4. Click Select

5. When you’re satisfied with your selection, click Assign

6. Go to the Groups view list and find the assigned groups.

Set up SSO in Azure#

Next, you need to finish setting up single-sign-on in Azure.

1. In the left panel, click Single sign-on

2. Click SAML

3. Click Upload metadata file

4. Upload the DOC² metadata.xml, which you can find in the Settings menu Integration
under SSO Service Provider Settings of your DOC² account.

5. Edit the Basic SAML Configuration

6. Check if the Entity ID, ACS URL, Sign on URL and Logout URL are populated right.

7. Download the newly generated Federation Metadata XML.

8. Upload the FederationMetadata.xml into the Identity Service Provider Settings of your DOC² account which you can find in the Settings menu Integration.