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Transformations can be enabled on queries to transform the query results. Let's write a simple transformation to compute first_name and last_name for all the customers that we fetch in the previous step.

// write your code here
// return value will be set as data and the original data will be available as rawData
return => {
  return {
    first_name:' ')[0],
    last_name:' ')[1],

The query will now look like this:

Insight² - Tutorial - Query result transformations

Click the create button to create the query. Saved queries can be run using the run icon near the query name. Queries run using the run button will behave just as if it was triggered by an app event like button click and thus will alter the state of the app. You can view the query results using the state inspector on the left side-bar of the app builder.

Insight² - Tutorial - Query result transformations

We can see that first_name and last_name are added to all the rows in the data object of the query. If you need the original data of the query, it will be available in the rawData object of the query.

Insight² - Tutorial - Query result transformations

In the next section, we will see how we can display this data using Insight's built-in widgets.