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OCR Server Process

This Process step is designed for the upload of your pdf document. When you open it up, you are asked to post and then to "try it out" in the top right corner.

After doing so, you are able to choose different parameters for the OCR transformation. These parameters define the quality of our server as they indicate various functionalities of it.


The parameters show the name, the description and a field for either true/false, a number to be typed in, or a three digit langauage code to be chosen.

We will now explain the various parameters:

JPG quality refers to the JPEG Compression Setting, which is by default set to 1.

Optimize refers to the general Compression Setting, which is by default set to 1.

PDFa allows you to choose between a pdf or a pdf format for the transformed document you will receive.

Language allows you to type in a three digit language code for the language your document is written in. This is important for our server to understand your document.

Deskew (true/false): Decide whether you want your document deskewed or not.

Clean (true/false): Decide whether you want your document cleaned before transformation or not.

Final (true/false): Decide whether you want your document cleaned after transformation or not.

Background (true/false): Decide whether you want background removed or not.

Rotate (true/false): Decide whether you want pages to be rotated.

Force (true/false): Decide whether you want OCR to be forced, even if it will not be perfect.

Blank_pages (true/false): Decide whether you want blank pages to be removed out of your document.

Skip_Text pages (true/false): Decide whether you want unnecessary text to be skipped.

How do you want to receive your document?#


If you want your transformed document sent to you by E-Mail, you can type in your Email Adress in here. If not you will receive a download link, which we will elaborate in a moment.

Upload your document#

choose your file

You are now asked to upload the document, that needs to be transformed. Please upload a PDF file.


After that, please hit EXECUTE. The following screen will be visible for you.

You are now supposed to copy the download_id, if you have not chosen to get the document sent to you via E-Mail.

Just copy this download_id as well as the filename and paste it under the next row of the whole Server called "Download with Link". After that, please press execute.

Download file#

You are now able to download the file or even copy the Request URL and type it into a new tab.


Your document is now OCR'd!